About Us


1. No fuss, no muss, just get it done.

2. Worry about the clients you have, not the ones you’re going to get.

3. It all starts with news.

4.Coordinate all your services to provide clients with the outcomes they want.

While so many have come and gone,
this philosophy has worked for nearly four decades.

The Sheinkopf philosophy of service is rooted in the fundamentals: hands-on, personal attention; original and creative messages; and quick turnaround. New York’s premier bi-partisan, boutique firm, Sheinkopf Communications focuses on generating new and innovative ideas for clients around the world, while protecting their confidentiality and privacy and maintaining complete transparency. Sheinkopf has decades of experience, in thousands of situations–ranging from implementing a crisis strategy for a governor, mired in a major scandal bordering on federal criminality to helping a police union in their contract dispute with the mayor.

The team at Sheinkopf Communications consists of success- driven individuals who leverage their relationships to meet client needs and produce results by utilizing smart and strategic action plans. Our senior counsel, including our principal Hank Sheinkopf, are involved with all clients on a day-to-day basis, assuring hands-on service from the top strategists in the country. If your livelihood is on the line, there’s only one firm you can trust- Sheinkopf Communications.

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